Are You A Woman in her Midlife? 

I help you manage Midlife and Menopause so you can feel stronger, think more clearly, manage your relationships, feel more joyful and create success in your career.

Do any of these Resonate?

  • Your health has taken a downward turn and you’re worried you may have developed some bad habits.
  • You feel fed up with how you look and are searching for ways to feel better and look more youthful.
  • You’ve lost your sense of self and are not sure what your purpose and passions are anymore.
  • You’re tired of feeling exhausted, anxious and overwhelmed every day.
  • You’ve lost your confidence in yourself, both in life and at work.
  • You’re lacking the motivation to make any changes to how you feel and need someone to motivate and support you through this period of change.

If you’ve answered yes to any of these, I’m here to help.

How Does Midlife And Menopause Coaching Work?

If you’re not sure where to start and scared that coaching may not work for you, take this small step. You will have me as an accountability partner, right by your side, to encourage and support you throughout your journey to rediscover YOU and to feel content and happy – now and in your future.

Start now by booking a free 30-minute introductory chat with me.

“Emma has taught me that it is ok not to be super woman and to understand and acknowledge that we cannot always do everything and be everywhere for everyone.

Emma has taught me to re-focus on my own well-being and more importantly my health.  The skills that Emma has given me, mean I am happier and more confident in my own skin,  and I am certainly a more relaxed parent and friend, learning to let go of what is not really important.”

– Kelly


Hi, I’m Emma

I’m a Midlife and Menopause Coach and I am here to help you thrive, master your menopause, reverse the signs of ageing, improve your health and step into your power years with confidence and purpose. 

After being on my own transformational journey, I used to look in the mirror and feel so fed up with how I looked. Grey and lifeless skin, dark, tired eyes, and just older by the minute – I was beginning to look like my grandmother!

Sometimes, we are uncertain about why we feel the way we do. Life takes hold and we feel exhausted and overwhelmed, neglecting the most important person in our life – our self! Perhaps you feel stuck in a rut, have lost direction, or you simply want someone to support and motivate you through a time of change.

As a qualified Life, Menopause and Nutrition Coach, I promise to place my energy and expertise into guiding and inspiring you to connect with and rebalance your head, heart, and body at this transformational time in your life.

You may feel you can’t do anything about your menopause experience, but you can, and I am here to guide you.

What do you have to lose? If I can do it, you can too!