Until 2014, I was an ex-corporate, frazzled and unfulfilled marketeer, and a mother of three boys who saw more of their nanny than they did of me.

For decades, I had put myself at the bottom of the list. I was juggling every aspect of my life while at the same time trying – and often failing – to ensure that my own mental health and well-being was adequately supported.

Then a real wake-up call came when my mother was diagnosed with cancer for the fourth time. I barely had energy and time for my husband and children, let alone being able to support my mother through her illness.

I needed to make some major changes towards living a healthier, happier life – for me as well as for my family. Without my own health and wellbeing…

How could I possibly support those I loved?

As a child, I was told that I had to strive for success and my strong work ethic is evident in my passion, only now I am applying it to something I absolutely love: helping people overcome their limiting beliefs, encouraging and coaching them to see a clearer direction for a more fulfilled life.

After being on my own transformational journey where I have addressed my own wellbeing needs, I am here to help you create better health and mindset habits, feel fabulous, and live a life you love.